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Last Monday at the Desktop Linux Consortium Conference at Boston University’s Tyngsboro, Massachusetts Campus there was a lot of talk about a “UserLinux” distribution. The topic was sparked by remarks by Bruce Perens who voiced a need for a distribution that was designed to meet community needs for a desktop operating system based on the Linux community favorite Debian distribution. I contacted Bruce who has been kind enough to interject some comments to my own text. They are marked [thus]. The thought of UserLinux sparked my thinking. The thing I like about Linux is that it’s infinitely customizable to meet the needs of almost any situation. However, for it to be a viable desktop for the masses there seems to me that there has to be some common features that a large number of Linux desktop users would appreciate. I thought about this quite a bit and started my li... (more)

EOS Editorial — The Three OS Monty

Let me preface this discussion with the disclaimer that I am not the typical desktop user. I am technical; I am mobile and travel frequently; I support and use software that runs on multiple operating systems; and I am an incessant tinkerer. Now that we got that out of the way, let me share the benefits of the day-to-day travels from Linux to Windows and sometimes Mac OS. For years I lived in a world dominated by a single operating system, only occasionally challenged by Apple. Now a new chapter is being written. Lest I be accused of being an overzealous nerd living in a dark fant... (more)

Do You Accept the iPology?

Mark Hinkle's "EncoreOpus" Blog I am very conflicted by Steve Jobs iPology. You see I bought the iPhone on day one.  Normally, I would say they told me the price, I paid it, and I moved on no big deal. I am/was happy that I purchased the iPhone it's been a very cool choice for me.  However, when Steve issued his apology he made me think twice. I understand technology pricing fluctuates and that sometimes you don't get it right. The issue for me is that because of our zeal in supporting his product we made the iPhone a smashing success. Because of that they know that they can make ... (more)

Linuxcon Presentation – Open Source Toolchains for Cloud Computing

Here are my slides from today’s talk at LinuxCon on “Open Source Toolchains for Cloud Computing“. The talk focused on what open source tools could be used to create automation for managing cloud computing. I really enjoyed giving the talk and the discussion afterward, it seems that the reality among attendees was that they did very little to automate management but all had a great interest in doing so. I also enjoyed hearing from a Big 4 systems management user who said clearly that their multi-million dollar system didn’t appear to have the same capabilities as the free softwar... (more)

Guide to Linux on the Business Desktop Part 1

I originally planned a series of articles dedicated to building the ultimate Linux desktop for business users. However, after doing some research I changed my mission - this will still be a series of articles dedicated to the Linux desktop for the everyday productivity user, but it won't be a decree of the best business desktop. I think that would be hypocritical; after all, no business or organization is identical to another. Everyone has different needs, so flexibility in your computing solution is essential. The characteristic that is most appealing to me with regards to Linu... (more)